We provide streaming solution for TV channels, IPTV content distributors and Video Ads monetization companies. All in One place

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We know your getting good $$ from your current display ads but we guarantee to beat your existing earnings through our iAdX.

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If you are uploading lots of videos on youtube, dailymotion for money then we have a better solution that make you earn double

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If you are an Advertisers

Cut the story short, we are the largest pool of ads for Asian region websites.

Advertisers get all the ad sizes which are under guidelines of IAB and stick ads with flexibility to pick and choose the websites where they want to place ads. For example relevant product ads on websites gets more then 5% of CTR.

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If you are a Publisher

Dont go on our words, but this is the fact that Publisher get upto 25% above what they were getting.

We provide ads from different networks like Google Adx, OpenX, Pubmatic, Microsoft, AOL, Local campaigns so the publisher always get the best possible ads on its website with highest CTR and CPM due to relevancy of ads.

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Latest News

September, 2014
We welcome Pubmatic to fill our inventory mainly for western region. Pubmatic is one of the leading adnetwork and provide premium ads.

July, 2014
Improved our ad serving and to protect our advertister as well as publisher for fraud clicks and impressions. This will help us to always give premium services to our clients

We welcome OpenX to extend their ad exchange services to Eboundservices adnetwork. OpenX is the largest independent ad exchange of the world.

May, 2014
Eboundservices start giving out video ads inventory to our license tv channel content which is distributed to over 500 websites on the internet