Watch all your favourite TV channel now on your PC, Mobile and TV through internet. Subscribe as low as $1 per channel/month

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Watch your home/business anywhere on web PC and Mobile with remote recording. 100% zero configuration. No change for failed recording. Secure in $100/yearly.

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Call and SMS to international destination at 90% lower rate campare to normal fone. Or connect your office with iPBX solution

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100% dedicated to our client success

Internet is changing the face of how we traditionally do business and its costing a lot to do experiments.

At EboundServices we ensure that customer gets the best for their investments which is sustainable and expendable when needed. Our team work hard to get smart solutions by research and analysis. PBX, Camera and VoIP is our main products beside all IT services.

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Latest News

Another break through innovation of Zero configuration of hosted camera recording and live view service under brand iCamera


Our engineers come up with innovative idea for "virtual employee" when companies are reducing their number of employees due to recession.

Signed up interconnect for direct LDI partner for Pakistan and India route

Signed up redundant camera hosting solution with a Netherlands base company

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