How video ads can ramp up your revenue through EboundServices?

What is video ad ?
Video advertising can be an effective avenue for reaching an audience. The term video advertising is used, here, to refer to all full-motion visual presentations of information.

Earn more from video ads :
As with text and image ads, we can’t make any guarantees about the amount you’ll earn. However, displaying video ads will get more attention and user engagement as moving images fetches 80% of the attention, remaining 20% is done by creative. As more eye catching unit on your site should lead to greater potential revenue for you. When you increase the pool of advertisers whose ads are eligible to display on your site, you’ll increase competition for your ad space and drive your earnings up.


How to get video content ?


1st option (vast tag):

if you have a compatible player you can simply get vast tag and implement it on your player and start monetizing.

2nd option(overlay) :

If you have a player but its not compatible for vast tag or Vpaid .we can provide you our js tag (overlay) which wrap up your player with a compatible player including the video tag and you can just start earning from it
For example :If you have a gaming website on flash-player we can give you the easiest solution to earn through our JS tag.

3rd option (embedded content) :

If you are using embedded video content and you cannot able to buy a compatible player for video ads.You can upload the content in our dashboard and Get the embed code of your own customize player including the video ads.


Factors that increase your earnings :
There are some factors that can help you increase your earnings and your worth in video ads market.

Importance of a viewer and Geo’s:

it also depends on what country your viewer is in. Because in tier one countries for example canada ,US,U.K, there’s a lot more spending going on for an ad dollars and Euros, here than they are in maybe some other countries- where a viewer is most likely going to get a less expensive ad, like from an, advertiser that’s paying less. So if you have a lot of Tier 1 type of viewers, you’ll probably make more than if you have a lot of viewers from other Geo’s.
So Here We can say that usually CPM simply depends on the type of traffic you have or Geos.

How advertisers pay :

Here pay rate is determined by the frequency that ads are displayed against your content. Now, not every viewer sees an ad every single time they come to one of your videos. There are a lot of variables that go into this. For example, how long has it been since the last time that person saw an ad. If it’s been less than Five minutes, Viewer won’t see another TrueView or non-skippable video in that video . But if it’s been more than that, then they most likely will see one.

Secondly, For displaying ads your content should be very attractive and should compliance Google policies so that the ads would be dispalyed to the Targeted viewer As they know how to hit the market and where to hit the viewer with the help of their internet activities.



Demand of the advertiser :
Your pay rate can also be determined by how much demand there is amongst advertisers to display their ads specifically against your videos. Now, let’s say you have a highly targeted sports videos , and you have a highly engaged audience, and these advertisers know I want my stuff exactly in front of the people who are watching the videos on your domain , then if there’s a lot of them just bidding specifically on the sports channels , then that drives it up and then I make more money, and they spend more money.

Increase your traffic :
At last but not the least you have to make your content that can hit the vast market .The content should be for kids,adults and Aged People so that you can Get the millions of views ,Like most of the publishers think that if they make content for kids they mostly don’t skip the ads but its just for a small market .So Try to make your content that much attractive so that every group of age will watch your videos and if 30% of viewer didn’t skip your ad you can earn enough money through this. Don’t play games for getting the traffic try to increase organic traffic from search engine and it will give you Highest CPM and millions of views each day .

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