Difference Between AdSense & Ad Exchange

Google AdX is a premium version of AdSense.

There are more advertisers in AdX as compare to AdSense and they are normally bidding higher so you will be making 30% to 40% more than what you are making currently.


Manual and Automatic Account:

Manual optimization is not possible in AdSense as it is an automatic account. AdX normally have in house ads optimization team who are expert to tune up geographical rules which boosts CPM as Ad Exchange is a total manual machine.

As Ebound Services also have tuned our ads to get most branded advertisers for premium websites for all goes.


Advertisers can determine ad networks and websites both. If AdX is 10 years old and is highly reputed, Premium advertisers mostly prefer well known networks instead of new. If the AdX is new then definitely you will be attracting less premium advertisers than old one.


Advantages of AdX:

In AdX, there is an option to block advertisers which you don’t want to show on your website but such option is not available in AdSense.

AdX has ability to compete with other ad networks via Google’s ad serving platform DFP to get maximum potential results in term of revenue. This way publisher can easily monetize their 100% inventory by rotating there ads with different ad networks.

There is an option to select branded and anonymous advertisers for publishers to get higher revenue through AdX. Such option is not possible in AdSense.



In AdX, CPM floor can be set for all Geos . You can also set preferred deals for fixed CPMs with buyers or Private Auctions through floor prices but in AdSense that’s not possible.

Google is pretty straight forward about how much it’s making off every click on AdSense. Publishers  get 68 percent of what the advertisers pay for every click with display ads. And just 51 percent with AdSense for search.

With AdX, it’s different. If you have website with legit traffic that offers great content then you may be able to get more privilege with your revenue share with Google AdX. So in this case AdX offers more room of business.

Secondly, weather you have a large numbers or not in AdX you will get a dedicated account manager who will be managing everything for you so you don’t need to be worry about your inventory or users.

Once you get affiliate with AdX you get violation notification, Means your account will not be directly blocked but in Adsense your account is always in risk because in case of any serious violation Adsense account is disabled.

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