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This is LIVE TV channel. Pakistan leading channel.

This LIVE TV channel is provided to you in courtesy by EboundServices.Com Inc. Watch all your favourite TV channel now on your PC, Mobile and TV through internet. Subscribe as low as $1 per channel/month.

EboundServices.COM TV partners with Pakistan TV & Networks to provide you the following services:

  •     EboundServices.COM TV is the only legal and largest distributor of Internet TV content of Pakistan. EboundServices.COM TV hosts its own streaming servers to provide you a better quality and reliable live TV & streaming services.

  •     EboundServices.COM TV provides the VOIP phone service through its own phone switches and exchanges. EboundServices.COM TV is committed to serve you the best phone voice quality and best rates for international calling.

  •     EboundServices.COM TV hosts its own servers for CCTV Camera security monitoring. There is no comparision on the service quality, feature and rates.

  •     EboundServices.COM TV provides a hosted service for streaming live events. The streaming solution is unique and innovative.

  • Additional Information:

  •     http://www.eboundservices.com/android/faq.html

  •     http://www.eboundservices.com/android/about.html