We are a Scientific Labartory Supply company and due to resession we decieded to cut down non-performing employees. EboundServices comes up with an idea of Virtual Employee. We tested that on one employee by sending him back to India and now she is work from there as she is on the same PBX, Network. Even when customer calls our office for her the operator transfer the call to India with NO EXTRA cost and customer didnt even realize that she is not in office location.
-By Mr. Ali Ashfaq
Scientific Labartory Supplies FZC, Ajman, UAE
web: www.lab-suppliers.com

I have been using eBoundservices iVoIP device-to-phone to make call back home. I never remember the service outage. I hope eBoundservices keep up this service like this.
-Asim Bukhari


Our company wasted alot in putting different type of CCTV technology but every after 6months we had issues. After installing eBoundservices iCamera rental we are now rest-in-peace :)
AxisIII Maryland, USA