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Google Doubleclick Ad Exchange

Efficient media buying through use of existing technologies and data

DoubleClick Ad Exchange is a real-time market, to maximize the ROI of millions of websites with ad networks, agency holding companies and new third-party technologies.

In addition, buyers can increase the asset purchase their return on investment through targeting, defined bids and budgets and frequency caps. You define the target group and thereby determine what is bought and when it is purchased. An open real-time bidding system enables buyers to use their own data and bidding algorithms, so as to control the media issues more effectively.

DoubleClick Ad Exchange provides:

  • The controls for the display circuit to improve the relevance and performance.
  • The real-time bidder optimizes efficiency and effectiveness.
  • The dynamic selection ensures that only the impressions are generated that are truly desirable.
  • The use of a single platform saves time.

Other buyers, such as advertisers and small agencies, benefit from Ad Exchange, by working with the Google Display Network. You can access as part of the Google Display Network through your account on the Ad Exchange websites.

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