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The Tribune

The Express Tribune partnered with The New York TImes international global edition is the paper that caters Pakistan's modern face. We are working with EboundServices and are really impressed by their support and services. They have been showing ads on our websites since a long time.
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TenSports by Taj Television owned by Zee Networks based in Dubai needed to reach the whole world through live streaming on internet. So Ebound Services altered the settings and customized everything for us according to our needs and are now our partner for Streaming TenSports live on internet.
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Express News

Express Pakistan's Leading Media Network has been working with Ebound Services with past few years for Live Streaming of Express News and Advertisements on www.express.pk without any problems and outages. It is so nice to be working with quality company.
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India TV

India TV has arisen a lot in short span of it's existence. Managing all the content on TV and website but when it came to Strem Live TV on Internet EboundServices understood the work to be done and the customizations to be made as per our needs. Its good to be working with EboundServices LLC.
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