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In Stream Video Ads

In-Stream video ads, or linear video ads play in the video player you're watching before, during or after a piece of content. In other words, these are the kind of ads that you see displayed during YouTube videos. The only problem that many people have with these ads is that they disrupt them from watching the content that they actually went to a link, or website to see. However, for advertisers, in-stream video ads present a unique opportunity to get their product seen.


Out Stream Video Ads

Out-stream ads are videos that aren't accompanied by any other content. While roll and interactive content requires something to wrap around - such as a different video or a blog post - an out-stream ad doesn’t need to be tied to anything else.

Interactive Video Ad

Interactive ads can show up before, during, or after the content has played, and usually last for around thirty seconds at most. Although some people enjoy the ability to interact with a brand, many would prefer interactive video ads to take place before, or after the primary content they are watching.

interactive video ad example

Text Ads

Text ads are crucial to a high-performance PPC campaign. They're often the first contact that a potential customer has with your site: they search for something related to your business, and your ad shows up in the results. Whether or not they click on your ad and get to your website depends on how powerful your message is and how relevant it is to what they want.


In-Text Video Ads

Ads displayed from underlined words or phrases within textual web content. The ads are triggered by users and are displayed only when a user decides to move his mouse over a relevant word or phrase.

Overlay Ads

An Overlay Ad is a standards compliant media element that “floats” above the video content. Overlay Ads appear after video content plays for few seconds at which point viewers have the option to close them. Overlay Ads will automatically disappear within a minute